Will shopping for an electrical automobile trigger your complete TNB invoice to be hit with the RM0.10 per kWh ICPT surcharge?

Will buying an electric car cause your entire TNB bill to be hit with the RM0.10 per kWh ICPT surcharge?

Yesterday’s huge information was the announcement of a revised ICPT tariff for the second half of 2023. For many home customers, an ICPT rebate of RM0.02 stays. However for customers who use greater than 1,500 kWh a month, this rebate turns into a surcharge of RM0.10, which is successfully a 12 sen upwards motion. The surcharge will apply to your complete invoice, not simply kWh consumed above the 1,500 kWh per thirty days restrict.

In case your month-to-month invoice is persistently beneath 1,500 kWh, this information mustn’t fear you. But when your invoice is between 1,200-1,300 kWh each month, and also you’ve been contemplating getting an electrical automobile which you’ll plan to cost at dwelling. You is likely to be questioning if the electrical automobile will push your invoice above the 1,500 kWh restrict.

This is the reason we’ve created this easy EV vitality consumption calculator to assist you decide. Merely key in what number of km you drive a month, your EV’s vitality effectivity (we’ve defaulted this to 17), and what your present TNB invoice is earlier than including EV charging to the invoice.

The instance within the screenshot above exhibits a person whose present TNB invoice is 1,000 kWh. He plans to drive 2,500 km a month with an EV that consumes 17 kWh per 100 km. His closing TNB will will probably be round 1,425 kWh, which is beneath the 1,500 kWh restrict for the surcharge.

Will buying an electric car cause your entire TNB bill to be hit with the RM0.10 per kWh ICPT surcharge?

However on this second instance, the person’s present TNB invoice is on common 1,300 kWh. The identical EV will push his consumption to 1,725 kWh. This may set off the surcharge.

Bear in mind, the surcharge applies to the whole invoice, not simply the kWh quantity that’s above 1,500 kWh, which on this case 1,725-1,500=225 kWh. So on this case, the surcharge would robotically enhance the invoice by RM172.50, not RM22.50

When you devour 1,501 kWh? Too dangerous. That further 1 kWh can be the most costly 1kWh ever, robotically rising your complete invoice by RM150.10.

We hope this helps you perceive how including an EV might affect your TNB invoice due to the brand new ICPT tariff that has this “1,500 kWh” switchover level.

Click on right here to make use of the EV consumption calculator.